Three weeks

The school year is just three weeks old, and we’re pretty settled in, I guess.  I learned almost everyone’s name pretty fast this year; the seniors I mostly knew because I taught their class, if not all of the same students, when they were freshmen, and the juniors have been around for long enough that I knew many of them casually, or knew the name and just had to attach it to a face, or knew the face and just had to attach it to the name.  I do have a few name glitches that I hope will smooth themselves out: I have an Alex M. in one junior class and an Alec M. in the other.  And they look a little alike.  I also have a handful of younger siblings, and have slipped a few times calling them by the older sibling’s name.  But nothing too serious, I hope.

Meansomething Index:

Number of students: 61

Courses this year: 4

Number of AP practice essays graded so far: 26

Lunchtimes so far this year: 13

Lunches eaten with colleagues at lunchtime: 4

Lunches eaten at meetings: 3

Lunches eaten alone outside normal lunch hours: 6


Quizzes and small bits to grade for Monday: 54



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