I have just one free prep period in my own room this year.  I teach four classes in it, Orsino teaches two, and Lucinda–despite the fact that she’s only teaching two classes–teaches one.  (She is now sharing a room with my former roommate, Romola.  This is a win for Romola, because although she doesn’t get her very own room, she has about as much peace and quiet in her room as anyone in our department has–including two prep periods on her own.)  Penelope and I decided to prioritize Romola’s teaching in the room over Lucinda’s, in part because ninth graders need the structure and consistency just a little bit more than tenth graders do, and because Lucinda got lots of consideration in the scheduling of her two classes so that there would be days when she didn’t have any classes at all and would not have to come in to campus.  So there are days when Romola has the room entirely to herself, although both Lucinda and newbie Olivia teach in there too.)

Anyway, back to me–this is not very much time in my own room, and I’m learning I need to be pretty organized about what I carry with me when I walk out.  At a minimum, I take the ThinkPad and a pink folder into which I am putting, essentially, the stack that normally lives on one corner of my desk.  It contains things I need to look at, respond to, and file–I can’t file when I’m not in my room, but I can do the other stuff.  And actually I could scan many of those things and file them electronically.  Hm.  I also have separate grading folders for each of my classes, and I’m making an effort to plan when I grade, not least because I can’t rely on “when the spirit moves me” if I don’t have the right things.

I might, actually, designate a cloth bag–maybe one of the many AWP bags I have lying around–for things to go with me when I leave my desk.  That would be a helpful item.

Here we go, Week Two.


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  1. I’m glad that you at least get to teach all of your classes in your room, but it’s hard not to have more downtime/prep time in your own room!

    Glad your year seems to be off to a good start.


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