Monkey hunting

Lord Rhoop came over this morning and dealt very competently with my IT issues.  I sympathized with the start-of-year craziness they are experiencing and thanked him profusely.  After one short conversation with two of the staff, I also managed to just leave the subject alone for most of the day.  I’m trying to keep What Now?’s new motto in mind and not try to take ownership of problems I simply don’t own.

And then I had a few hours to get stuff done.  I met with Orsino about our AP Language and Composition class.  He has three sections, I have two.  He, Sebastian, and I have all the juniors among us this year–Orsino and Sebastian are teaching the regular (non-AP) juniors.  I did some organizing in my room, which was necessary, although perhaps not quite as pressing as finishing all my planning and materials for the start of school.

I had lunch with Dr. Tea, Teacher Z, Orsino and all three of our new colleagues, upon whom I shall bestow pseudonyms from Shakespeare comedies (a tradition begun last year when I became chair and we hired Orsino and Sebastian).

  • The sixth-grade teacher, who is also Penelope’s oldest daughter: Miranda.  (Penelope has five children–the oldest two were adults by the time Penelope came to SA, her middle son graduated from SA, and her two youngest are a senior and a junior.  I have both of them in class this year.  I’m going to know the Penelope family really well by May!)
  • The man we hired to teach eighth and tenth grade: Orlando.
  • The woman we hired to teach primarily tenth grade: Olivia.

Then there was more administrative stuff and more conversations before a back-to-school event with the students.  A pleasure to see them all!  One more day of preparations–I really have to finish everything, because we’re going away for the weekend.

(Whose idea was that?)


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  1. […] the staffing side (and on a different aspect of fertility), it turns out that Olivia, the new tenth-grade teacher, is expecting her second child in September!  So we probably do have to hire one person, at least. […]


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