The open boat

Just a few of the nice things that have happened this week.  There are things that are frustrating or difficult, but overall it’s been a good week, and I’m grateful for it:

I’ve been writing something new.

interestingsI read The Interestings and I absolutely agree with Dr. Crazy that this is an excellent novel.  It’s good at every level: the small, accurate, illuminating observation; the management of the narrative (there’s some moving back and forth in time that is incredibly deftly managed); the development of the characters; the big human ideas of it.  So satisfying.  And deep and human and compassionate.

I went to Fancy Research Library with Dr. Tea and had lunch with Orsino.  And despite the fact that these are two people who are struggling through very difficult times in their lives for different reasons, we had a good time.  It was so lovely to spend time with them both away from school.  The discussion was heavy in places, light in places, and it was all OK.  I am really glad the two of them have become friends.  Orsino’s coming to SA has been great for Dr. Tea in this first year of her not being chair; she’s had so much to offer him as a mentor/colleague, and they have both gotten a lot out of being able to talk with each other about things literary and institutional.  (With Viola gone, they are now the two members of the department with Ph.Ds, and they are definitely the most scholarly and intellectual.)  I am much closer to her than I am to him, particularly because of course I am his department chair, but I like him so much: he’s a very good teacher, and he has a degree of emotional intelligence that I absolutely did not expect but which is so great to have in a colleague.

Our team won at trivia again.  We’ll be able to go back one more week and then we’ll all be away for a week except for Stubb and one other guy.  I’ll be away for two weeks, but I hope to go when the Snork Maiden and I get back from Chicago in August.

I have spent about 10 hours over the past week on decluttering, and our bedroom, the hall closet, the bathroom, the front closet, and half the front room look really nice.  The other half of the front room is that kind of disaster that you get when you pull out all the books and other stuff that was jammed into the bookshelves.  However, part of today will be given over to remedying that.

The Snork Maiden is going out with my sister this evening, and Stubb and I will have a little date of our own.



3 responses to this post.

  1. That sounds like such a good summer week!


  2. I’m so glad you liked The Interestings too–I found it moving and beautiful, but a colleague totally hated it!


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