Novel on yellow paper

JaneB’s post “A Lists Post (probably tedious, definitely insane)” does not strike me as insane at all.  In fact, I’m half faint with admiration and half fired up to plan out my remaining summer time as meticulously as she has here!

Although I have observed in the past that I needed to let go of the idea that I have “summers off,” as it leads to frustration when I don’t, in fact, have them off-off, I have been enjoying this one very much, and it has felt significantly more off than my summers have since I started this blog in 2007.  On July 4, actually, which I’d forgotten!  And part of the pleasure actually is in doing things in anticipation of the next school year.  I’ve had some correspondence with our two new Upper School teachers, and several conversations with Penelope about scheduling, and lots of musing about what happened this year and what I want to do next year.

I have also had fun.  We went back to the trivia night and won again, although less handily this time as there was another very strong team.  FLS had a Fourth of July party that was probably the most fun I’ve had at a large party in years.  And I’ve already written about the trip to see PymFan and the visit with Bardiac.  Other treats are coming up; for example, Dr. Tea and I are planning to go over to Fancy Research Library and have lunch with Orsino, who is working on his book.  I urged him to apply for some support from SA to do this, even though he’d be doing it anyway and the only real expenses are lunches and parking.  When he added up all those lunches and parking, though, it came to over $1000, and he got the money.  I was so pleased about this, and I think he was too.

Now that we’re into the second week of July, though, I can hear the clock ticking.  I have pulled out the Yellow Legal Pads of Planning–I use these constantly during the school year, not so much the last few weeks.  Inspired by JaneB, I reckon that I have:

  • two weeks living at home, writing, doing some school work, and decluttering (more about this another time).  Then I take the Snork Maiden to music camp and have
  • several days of flexibility; I could come back home for part of it, or I could stay in the area and see friends and write and have time alone and get ready for
  • several days of conference, after which she and I come home for maybe 36 hours and then spend
  • a few days in Chicago, followed by
  • five days of recovery, laundry, regrouping.  Class prep should begin in earnest now, although I will have done a number of bits of work through the summer that will contribute; at this point I will have my actual schedule and class rosters and so on.  Then,
  • a week in which I teach college essay workshops to the seniors and do other ramping-up stuff, including with the new English faculty.  Not as intensive as a regular teaching week, and more flexible, but definitely Going Back.
  • The week of faculty development, meetings, classroom setup, prep, and more meetings.  And that’s it: school begins the following Monday.

I am inspired further by JaneB to begin to get organized about the reading and planning for this year’s courses, and also for some of the fall deadlines for submissions.  Small units of time spent now will pay off later, and all that.  I already have a long list for Monday (it’s late Sunday night as I write this).  I hope you have a good week, reader!


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