I went to NLNRU today for the first time in about ten months.  I had a fun lunch with my former chair and afterwards cleared out my filing cabinet drawer in the office I used to share.  It was mostly student theses, which I bravely recycled.  I took home a few books, some student evaluations in case I ever need them for some reason, and my toothbrush kit.  I gave my chair the tube of coconut lime verbena hand cream.  I also finally gave back my keys.

I also saw a couple of the administrative folks and another colleague I really like.  I do miss the people.  I do not, however, miss the commute one little bit.  Even leaving after rush-hour traffic in the morning and coming home before the worst of the afternoon commute, it was no fun.  It’s hard for me to believe I did that roughly twice a week for five years, on top of teaching 80-90% time in high school.

It was odd to be on a college campus again.  I had the same feeling when I went to a dance performance at our closest four-year school, a regional campus of our state public university system.  Strange to realize I hadn’t been on a college campus all year, probably for the longest stretch since 1984, the year in which I applied to college.  I used to work at one of these…Oh, wait, that’s actually not quite true, since I served on a review committee at BAC back in, what, January?  But BAC has an urban campus that doesn’t feel like a college campus.  NLNRU, on the other hand, looks like a movie set for a college campus.  Like a Disney version of a college campus.  Especially for freshman orientation.



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