Our mutual friend

I finally got tired of not having my blog feeds all in one place, so I reviewed an article I’d bookmarked a year ago about good replacements for Google Reader.  I ended up setting up The Old Reader, which was so easy and straightforward to do that I felt silly for not having done it before.  I’m still filling it in–my exported list of Google feeds is around here somewhere, but by the time GR shut down, there were a lot of basically defunct ones in it, and I’ve discovered new blogs since then, so I don’t know whether I’ll bother to find it, especially since I’ve already put in a bunch of my ongoing favorites and–since it’s so easy–thrown in some new ones that look interesting.

Having all the blogs in one place means I’ll probably spend more time reading blogs, a little less time searching for blogs I want to read, and possibly also a little more time blogging.


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