Going in circles

Haven’t yet found my summer rhythm.

Aside from graduation, a couple of family events, and yesterday’s closing meeting and end-of-year lunch, the last few days have been mostly about binge-reading–lying on the bed devouring books without much thought or selectivity.  I’ve reread a few things, including Barbara Pym’s first novel, Some Tame Gazelle; two No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books; and one of Hilma Wolitzer’s YA books from the seventies, Toby Lived Here (on an impulse after reading Dr. Crazy’s post raving about Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings –and I took The Interestings out of the SA library last week for summer reading).  I’ve also read some new things, including Michelle Huneven’s new novel, Off Course, which I enjoyed very much. But it definitely is binge-reading–I’m barely tasting a lot of what I’m reading, I’m just burying my brain in it and not thinking about other things.  Today, Tuesday, is the first day I feel like I might be able to pick my head up and look around.  It is also exactly nine weeks before I return to the classroom to teach (a college essay workshop for seniors–they have a three-day session in August, the week before our opening meetings).

I’d like to preserve some elements of my school-year routine this summer.  I did Morning Pages and a run this morning–not as early as I have to during the school year, but early enough to feel like I’d gotten a jump on the day.  I have a growing list of fun stuff I want to do and a growing list of errands and tasks, but I want to preserve the morning hours for exercise and writing, and defer email and Facebook until later in the day, and plan my fun stuff and my errands for later in the day, too.


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  1. I think it takes at least a few days to recover a bit from the year before one can actually settle into summer; at least that’s always true for me. I did some binge-reading the last two weekends as part of my recovery process!

    I too am hoping to have exercise be one of the first things I do in the day, not least because it becomes a more onerous task the more I think about it in any given day.


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