It’s one of those Monday nights that feels like a Sunday night; thanks a lot, Memorial Day.  No, seriously, thanks, I needed this weekend.  This week was full of the head-spinning unexpected.  A few weeks ago Hilda van Gleck, the assistant head of the high school, announced that she would be decamping for a new gig back in her ancestral homeland on the opposite side of the country, and after four candidates in quick succession, the hire is made and it’s…one of the younger history teachers, so poor Eveline has had to make a very quick hire.  Last I heard, it looked like they were going to be able to do it, though–I hope it works out well.

So much turnover!  I’ve heard some dark grumbly remarks about it, but honestly, it all seems like quite natural turnover to me.  People get to a place where they either stay or move on, and some moving on is natural.  What’s more unexpected is people moving back, as happened on Friday when I got a panicky text from Lucinda, saying that the part-time teaching job near her (fairly far away) home, which she was supposed to begin in August, had just fallen through and could we go back to the previous plan of having her teach two courses next year?  She’d already emailed the GGE, who reassured her that we could, and who emailed me to set up a meeting next week about the changes to the overall plan.  So quite unexpectedly we may be winding up with an extra part-time person, which is kind of fantastic, although I wonder.  The two-classes plan, when it was the plan, was clearly a precursor to Lucinda finding something else, closer to her home and her now-one-year-old baby, and I wonder if it might be better for her to throw herself into finding something to replace that instead of locking herself into a whole ‘nother year of teaching at SA.  Or not locking herself into a whole ‘nother year, but leaving us in the lurch sometime midyear.

It’s been a nice low-key weekend, though.  I went to the library and got a big pile of whatever looked interesting, including What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew, a couple of novels, and a couple of memoirs, and lay around most of yesterday afternoon reading.  Lovely.  I still have to write an exam, but it will get done…


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