Decisions, decisions

I’ve been struggling with my usual spring responsibilities for the summer conference I work on.  It’s not even so much that they are overwhelming–they aren’t–as that I’ve been shunting them aside and then feeling behind and therefore avoiding them (because of being behind) for several days and then catching up in a rush and thinking “Oh, that wasn’t so bad,” and then getting behind again and getting avoidant and there goes the cycle again.

It’s making me wonder whether it’s time to give up this position, but as Stubb just pointed out, this is probably not the time to make any major decisions–it’s the end of the semester, I haven’t been sleeping well, this has been my first year as chair, and I’m heading into the first summer without any non-SA teaching responsibilities (since I did have NLNRU grad students last summer).  And the Snork Maiden is having a rough time, too, but that’s another story.

So I guess I have to put in an hour on this before bed.  Honestly, that’s probably all it should take–an hour every other day or so.  Or half an hour every day.  Which isn’t a lot.  Or is it?


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