75 minutes and 17 wordy emails later

And I’m pretty much caught up, at least for now.  Unfortunately, also wide awake and have to get up in six hours or so.  Haven’t exercised yet this week; my shoulders are stiff, despite getting a lovely massage on Saturday.  And I didn’t eat well today.  There was a parents-bring-breakfast-for-the-staff day and do you know that massive, dense “Cinnamon Creme Cake” at the Corner Bakery?  There was one of those and I ate a piece the size of a drugstore paperback, not to mention some other junk.  Well, it was only Tuesday; I’ll do better on Wednesday.

also didn’t write Morning Pages on Tuesday.  No Morning Pages, no exercise; bad eating, work avoidance.  Hm.  Coincidence?

I did blow off a free period in the nicest possible way, chatting with Orsino and with Teri, one of the senior editors of the literary magazine.  He was in my room, talking with me, when she wandered in, complaining of too much free time after AP’s.  So I gave her the books I’d gotten her–I present the literary magazine editors with a book, usually Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, in recognition of their work during the year, and I also wanted to get her a copy of one of my favorite American poetry anthologies, and the three of us talked about college and literary studies and books for a while.  There’s a student I’ll really miss.  I taught her as a freshman and again this year.  She and the Snork Maiden have gotten close this year, working on the literary magazine and on plays and in a dance class together, and her impending departure (for college in the UK) is a major reason the Snork Maiden has been down lately.  Poor Snork Maiden.  She’s been so much happier in high school than in middle school, but she’s always searching for that one girlfriend who has your back.  Teri is the closest she’s gotten so far, but now she’s leaving.  I’m becoming a total pushover for her requests to spend time with friends in her own class, even to the point that we’re going to let her go to a midnight showing of the new X-Men movie on Thursday night/Friday morning, even though she has school on Friday, because she’ll be going with two other freshmen.  She’s been doing fine academically, and it’s the end of regular classes, so I’m not really worried about that; I think the mood boost of doing it will balance out the loss of sleep, at least through the end of school on Friday.

And speaking of mood boosts and loss of sleep: my spirits have lifted, but I’d better get to bed.


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