Drama club

One of the last things I did on Friday was have a meeting with Penelope and Dorothea–who is the assistant department chair for the middle school*–about room allocations for next year, and we wound up with a pretty satisfactory arrangement that involves both Gwendolen and Romola getting their own rooms.  We know that Romola will be pleased, but Gwendolen’s room for next year will be in the middle school, and in the past she’s expressed her preference for keeping her desk in the high school, even if she teaches most of her classes in a room in the middle-school building.

(*This happened about a year before I became chair, and in general it is a good thing, but we do sometimes stumble over division of responsibilities.  Also, I don’t always remember to bring her in on decisions that affect the middle school, and this is further complicated by the higher-ups not always sustaining that bringing-in when I do; for example, she’s been cut out of email chains by one administrator or another as the conversation has gotten more confidential.)

We decided to have Dorothea break the news, and apparently that conversation did not go well.  Not that Gwendolen is particularly dramatic (despite the title of this post), but that she really wants to stay in the high school, even–maybe–to the point of not having her own room.  I have her slated to teach the same thing she taught this year–mostly seventh grade and one senior elective–which means she won’t teach the junior class she sometimes gets to teach, but I have already broken this news and told her that it’s because of our seventh-grade needs, which it is.

The room thing is not just my decision, but I have input.  The head of the middle school would like Gwendolen to be over there for better access for the students; Penelope would like Gwendolen to be over there for ease of scheduling.  I have wondered whether the faculty changes in middle school would make Gwendolen happier about being over there, but it sounds like that’s not the case.

So a low-level worry this past weekend was what Gwendolen would do with this news over the weekend.  I decided not to reach out to her yet, but to let her sit with it and see whether she started to get interested in the idea of having her own room, or whether she went the other way and got upset about not teaching more in the high school.  Or something else.  I wonder what awaits me when I get in today.



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