The merry month of May

Some independent schools essentially bring their formal academic year to a close right before the AP’s.  My friend T’s school gives exams a week before the AP’s begin.  Then there’s a month of continued instruction, with projects and assessments and all the usual stuff in most classes, except that the material taught is not assessed as part of a comprehensive final exam.  Our AP classes actually kind of do work like this; AP courses don’t give a separate final exam, and after the AP there’s usually about time for one project or one essay or some other unit of work (I hardly ever use the word “unit,” but it seems appropriate here) before the school year’s over.  (My class will be reading Never Let Me Go, the Ishiguro novel that was adapted for the movies not too long ago.)

Our formal academic year continues, but with a difference.  The last month of school is peppered with odd days and student absences–I had less than half my AP Lit class on Friday afternoon because a lot of them were taking the AP Statistics exam, and we’re getting into league finals and regionals for sports, especially swimming–SA has a mammoth swim team, and when the swimmers leave school early, you notice.

There’s so much to tell, and so little time to tell it in.  But this is a start!



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  1. Hang in there! It is simultaneously a long haul and a frantic rush. I’m not panicking, because in a way all of the work seems out of my hands (even though it’s actually all in my hands) — some sort of psychological denial so that I don’t fall apart.

    My post-AP juniors are reading The Great Gatsby and writing a personal essay; it’s a nicely relaxing last three weeks of class.


    • Posted by meansomething on May 12, 2014 at 1:02 pm

      Doing one of the hires makes me feel as if it all WILL end eventually–actually, in a pretty defined period of time. Although the last piece about scheduling and deployment could easily stretch into the summer–and did, last year, even into August. Yikes!


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