Words, words, words

I forgot to mention the literary magazine, didn’t I?  We are hoping to upload the first digital version today to the printer, and then have a proof on Monday to look at, as well as notice of any major issues.  Advising this magazine was probably something I should have offloaded onto someone else this year, but of course we didn’t know spring was going to be quite this difficult.  Fortunately, the staff has been pretty good this year, although I miss having Ben around.  He was annoyingly perfectionistic, but sometimes it’s good to have a perfectionist on the team, especially one who really understands graphic design.

I left the printout of the current version (which still needs sprucing up) in the HHS’s box before I left on Tuesday so that he can look it over and see if there’s anything he’s concerned about.

And I’ve decided that if we can’t upload today, either it will just have to wait until Monday, or the students will have to figure out how to get it done while I’m gone.  You can only do so much.

Fingers crossed for today’s sixth-grade candidate to be good.


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