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I just learned that one of the middle school teachers is going to be taking a new administrative role next year, which means that we have to hire someone to replace him as an English teacher.  This is good news for him, so I’m glad to hear it, but this means we still have to hire at least two people, which I hoped wouldn’t happen.  The GGE has forwarded me a whole heck of a lot of dossiers, which I’ve skimmed and made notes on, and I’m hoping to send him a shortlist tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there is another teacher who has not returned a contract, and I’m not sure yet what this means.  Perhaps we will get some clarity about it this week.  Meanwhile, I will keep busy with the hires we know we have to make.  And the placement process for next year–who gets into honors and AP–which is under my jurisdiction.  And the deployment situation–which continues to depend on hiring and also, to some extent, on that placement process (which determines how many sections we need of each class).  And the literary magazine layout (I have got to hand this over to someone else next year).  And grading, so that I don’t fall behind on that.  And, of course, teaching.

I remember Dr. Tea getting pretty stressed out over both deployment and placement, and maybe I will too the first time someone gets mad at me about one of those things, but so far I am finding them very interesting, albeit time-consuming.  I was at school a lot this weekend because of the Snork Maiden working on the musical and both of us doing lit-mag layout and me working in my room when I wasn’t actually seeing the musical.  But I did get a nice evening out with Stubb on Saturday when the Snork Maiden had the show followed by going out for a late-night meal with the cast and crew.  And I also got in one workout and one run and a little bit of lying around rereading Barbara Pym’s Less Than Angels, an old favorite.  So there’s hope of being able to go back in on Monday in a robust frame of mind.


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on April 15, 2014 at 3:44 am

    Nothing like a good dose of Pym. (Actually, you taught me that.)


  2. […] was last year’s post on going back after spring break, and this was the post in which I learned that we would be making one hire and suspected that it would be two (for a […]


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