Future shock

I’ve used this title a few times, the first of which is here–fun for me to see how much my life has changed!  This was just a few months before I started teaching at Starfleet Academy.  Anyway, I’m going to use it again.  (What are you going to do about it?)

I spent two and a half hours at SA on Saturday while the Snork Maiden did tech for the spring musical, just getting myself in order for the beginning of the week.  I actually still have some prep to do, but I am probably calmer than I would have been otherwise.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a friend who teaches at a school which schedules professional days for the faculty on what would otherwise have been the first day back from break–so the faculty return on Monday and the kids on Tuesday.  I still think this is genius and that I should bring it up to the calendar committee.  I dream that if we could split the day between some kind of organized professional activity and time in our classrooms to prepare for going back, we could go back in the perfect, serene state of mind.

As it is, we have to find our own ways of confronting the fact that when we go back, there are only SEVEN WEEKS left in the school year.  I know that on the quarter system, seven weeks is still most of the quarter, and on the semester system, it’s almost half the quarter–but in high school, when you’ve had most students all year long, it feels like very little indeed.  (If you’re a teacher, that is–probably to some of the students it seems like an eternity.)  And we know from experience that these seven weeks go crazy fast.  Teaching juniors and seniors, I know that two weeks will be riddled with AP tests and students disappearing from class for morning and afternoon exams.  Two or three days will also involve no seniors on campus–oh my gosh, I just realized right this minute that Friday is one of them and that my assignment sheet does not reflect this.  (Sigh.  Groan.  Secret thrill of delight.)  And after the AP test, I don’t know what on earth I will see from the seniors.

Speaking of whom, I guess they’ve all heard from colleges now (the last decisions came in over break).  I do hope that the ones I wrote for will come and tell me how it all turned out.  And there’s yet another reason why seniors will be missing from time to time: college visits, so that they can make their decisions by the national reply date of May 1.

And finally, a delicious task for me: summer planning.  Did I tell you I didn’t get the Thing again this year?  Never mind, I am kind of relieved.  I would have liked the validation but actually doing it would have been a bit of a pain, and it would have involved being away for a big chunk of the summer and I started feeling a little uneasy about that idea when the Mr. Tea situation happened.  So: no Thing.  But other things!


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  1. […] This was last year’s post on going back after spring break, and this was the post in which I learned that we would be making one hire and suspected that it would be two (for a total of three, since we’d already hired Orlando).  Once again, contracts are due shortly, and there may be surprises in store–although I am pretty sure Dorothea isn’t going anywhere (not to this job, as it turned out), and I’ve had a number of pretty explicit conversations with people about their plans for next year.  Sebastian is going to take on a new role as a freshman advisor, but that won’t affect his deployment; Lucinda is pretty confident she wants a full-time contract, and this is good because Orsino will probably teach some freshman history again, leaving him three AP classes. […]


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