Spring break, oh my sweet lord, spring break.

In the six years I taught there, NLNRU’s spring break never overlapped with SA’s, which was helpful in a way, because I had three weeks in the spring when I wasn’t going full bore at both schools, but it also meant that I never had a complete break.  Now I have one.  It’s awesome.  SA has two weeks, which is even more awesome.

I have written; exercised; done a good deal of tidying up, both as part of the Snork Maiden’s room project and of my own stuff: recycling old papers, throwing away junk, donating a big bag of books to the library’s used bookstore.  (And those were just the really obvious ones.  I could easily give away a hundred books, and probably should.  Maybe that would be a good project for some Saturday.)  I have gotten some stuff together for the taxes.  The Snork Maiden and I had lunch with Ben, who is home for spring break, and in a good mood, and really settled into college and enjoying it.  (Which reminds me that I had a really nice impromptu conversation with Ed right before break also.  He never did just drop in, but when I’ve subbed for Dr. Tea he has usually stayed behind to chat for a minute after class.  And she and I were watching a volleyball game after school on Thursday–which was so much fun to do with her, by the way–and Ed climbed up in the bleachers to sit with us and talk.  He seemed so relaxed and happy, particularly compared to when I first met him at the beginning of junior year.  He’s going to spend some time in a physics lab over break, and he’s almost certain he’s going to go to that university where I once worked for college.  I guess he still has a few decisions to wait for.)

The Snork Maiden and I are going away for a week with my mom on Tuesday, so I have to get ready for that.  I’m going to school tomorrow for a couple of hours to tie up several loose ends from last week–I left campus in a hurry on Friday to get a haircut (oh yeah, I got a haircut).  I have to hit the pharmacy, drop some things off at the food pantry (I bought four boxes of Girl Scout cookies expressly for the food pantry, and I’ve had these jars of peanut butter sitting in a bag waiting to go for something like two months), do one more load of laundry, and, of course, pack.

I’m a bit fussed about all the lists, and a bit anxious about the traveling, and all that.  But also:  I am on spring break!  And I am really happy about that.


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  1. Okay, you managed to do more in your first weekend of spring break than I did for the entire two weeks! Have fun with your “down time,” and enjoy your week away.


  2. Posted by Bardiac on March 24, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Have a lovely trip! And about time, too!


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