Staying afloat

Thanks, friends, for your comments on the post below!

I spent way too much time today composing–first mentally and then literally–a response to a very aggravating parent email.  But apparently my response hit the thermal exhaust port on the Death Star, because I got a much less aggravating, even ingratiating, email back.  I also got some props from the HHS and the parent’s kid’s college counselor.  But I would rather have not had to do it at all.

That was the most productive thing about my day.  I forgot to write a quiz for one class (they didn’t mind too much), and then I graded a quiz for another class and it was so bad.  There was one 100%, one 93%, a few 70% and then the rest were below 50%.  The other class took a slightly different version and no one scored below 86%, so clearly the first class is not doing the reading.  Such a lousy reading quiz performance is really quite unusual at SA, where not all the kids are equally strong readers, but almost all the kids do their homework most of the time.  (The quiz was not hard, but you had to have done the reading. )

I told Dr. Tea I would grade the short pieces of writing that her two classes did while she was out on Tuesday, so that means I need to do those tonight or early tomorrow morning.  There are maybe 34 of them.  And I have 20 similarly short pieces for my own class.

And Penelope scheduled a meeting for Friday afternoon.  I almost always go to meetings cheerfully, but the email about this one made me want to cry.  People who don’t teach probably don’t quite realize how burned out we are by the last day before break–not least because the students are always kind of loopy this week.  And I actually have a literary magazine work session after school, so I won’t be done with my workday until after nearly everyone is gone.

Two more days.


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