• Parents of grade-school, middle-school, high-school kids know that intake of breath when a kid remembers that they need [object] or [raw material] that satisfies the condition [not currently in the house] for [a time occurring in the next twenty-four hours].  It usually occurs after eight o’clock on a school night.  Anyway, the Snork Maiden did that the other night and I said “Oh, no” and Stubb said: “What is it this time?  A female fetal aardvark?”
  • But it was something she’d remembered, not something she’d forgotten, so hooray.  And we laughed.
  • I’m using a blog again with my American lit class.
  • I got a massage today and it was wonderful.
  • The Snork Maiden’s playlists have been getting SO WEIRD since her country obsession.  The drive home last night after the dance concert included this followed by this.
  • Chaperoning tonight, taking tickets and seeing the concert tomorrow.  I probably wouldn’t have signed up to chaperone the dance concert if I’d realized that the Snork Maiden would be taking a dance class and therefore required to perform.  However, she doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal.
  • Every time I turn around, a new wrinkle in the staffing picture.  Lucinda thinking about going part-time.  Viola might be back after all–or maybe for just half the year.  A history teacher may be stepping into an administrative role, which means more need in history.  But since Orsino subbed Dr. Tea’s class and realized how very excellent our strongest students are, he has been thinking he might actually like to be more, or completely, in English.  Contracts are due in early April, so there should be more clarity by then.
  • But book orders are imminent.  And it’s kind of hard to order books when you’re not quite sure who is teaching what!

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  1. […] same kinds of obsessions are dominating the weeks before spring break this year as last–staffing, Snork Maiden stuff, the dance concert (which is this weekend).  This year, summer […]


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