Not exactly what I had in mind

I guess I deserve this, but I subbed for Dr. Tea today (the class with Gus and Ed) and I didn’t quite do everything she wanted in quite the way she wanted it, and I didn’t collect the last thing they did–but in my own defense, the sub plans were pretty detailed and I was actually teaching, as opposed to supervising while they completed activities independently.  So I oughtn’t, perhaps, to sneer quite as much about the subs.  It’s not an easy gig.  However, I don’t think she’ll mind that they did what they did when they did it.

New developments in hiring.  We did hire a fellow from out of state who we think is something pretty special.  We also saw a youngish about-to-be-Ph.D. from NLNRU, not someone I knew, but someone with whom I have some people in common.  Those of us who didn’t see her teach liked her.  Those of us who did–well, we have reservations.  It looked like a good lesson plan.  The thing that concerned me was that she “lowballed” it, as Orsino said–pitched the class too low for the group and then, when their responses showed more genuine connection with the text than her questions called for, she didn’t recalibrate.  Now, she might adjust over time, but in the moment, she didn’t look like a natural teacher, didn’t seem to connect with the students.

And yet.  She might be fine–she might even be quite good, once settled in.  It is a bit like a bad date, or getting off on the wrong foot with someone with whom you later get to know and like.  It’s too bad we don’t get more chances to get to know someone.


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