Four-day week

Somehow it always feels like five days of work anyway, just crammed into four days.  This week, though, is surprisingly light on teaching, because my busiest day fell on Friday and won’t occur this week; I’ll meet my classes seven times, twice for double blocks, which works out to just about seven teaching hours.  That should leave a lot of other hours for prep and grading and administrative stuff, particularly since the Snork Maiden has rehearsals after school three out of the four days.  And I need those hours, because I didn’t really do any prep or grading over the three-day weekend.  I’m determined not to feel bad about this, since I needed the break, but secretly I feel like a slacker.

I did spend a few hours over the weekend dealing with an administrative issue, too, which I’ll describe more another time, I hope.



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  1. I also did remarkably little work this weekend. I had a moment of fretting about that yesterday afternoon, and then I quickly discarded that fretting in favor of being grateful for the napping and the downtime!


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