Small wonder

Did I tell you that I sustained my Morning Pages practice for the whole month of January?  I missed two days when things got busy and I just literally did not think about them–one was the day before I took a professional day off to contribute to a project at BAC, so I was doing all my usual stuff plus getting materials ready for the sub and getting myself ready for the project, and the other was the day itself, when I left the house before six and didn’t think about them until I was getting coffee at a supermarket Starbucks near BAC. Otherwise, though, I’ve written them every day, sometimes to discernible good effect, sometimes not–but I like doing them, that stretching of the muscles, the time to muse and ruminate.  I believe that I go into work with a clearer mind because of them.

For February, I am continuing to write Morning Pages, but I’ve added a second goal–a draft of a new poem every Wednesday.  So far, so good–today was Wednesday and I had the draft by the end of Tuesday.

The next seven school days will be pretty busy with teaching and special events, including two candidate visits next week, the first round of honors and AP approvals, wrapping up my part of the teacher evaluation cycle, speaking at a school event, and a couple of deadlines for things I want to apply for (oh, and buying a plane ticket for AWP).  Fortunately, the weekend should not be too crazed–I think the only things planned are a haircut for the Snork Maiden and a birthday dinner for our nephew Snufkin.  And the weekend after that is Presidents’ Day, which is a) a three-day weekend we will all surely welcome and b) the day before sixth anniversary of my arrival at SA.

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  1. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this! To be making this commitment to your writing at the same time you’re going through your first year as department chair! Well done, you.


  2. I’m in Week Four of The Artist’s Way right now, and the Morning Pages have really been amazing–I start my day more clear-headed, they’ve been therapeutic for me, I’m stretching my writing muscles and letting go of internal censors more, and I am thrilled to have established the habit–I’ve missed once, and I really did feel the loss.

    Now I’m supposed to be taking a “reading fast” this week, so clearly I’m not doing as well on all the tasks, but the AW is working really well for me!


    • Posted by meansomething on February 10, 2014 at 1:02 am

      It’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?
      The idea of a reading fast is intriguing. I’m not sure how I would manage it during the teaching year. I will have to catch up on your blog, Jackie–I still haven’t found a replacement for Google Reader, and I keep getting behind on people’s blogs.


      • I ended up doing a modified fast, and cutting way back on non-work-related reading–wrote three blog posts, so I think it did help, and if nothing else, just attempting it made me more mindful of what and when I did read.

  3. Posted by Pym Fan on February 7, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    I too am impressed! So, are the morning pages feeding the poem drafts? I like the idea of starting the day off with some mulling-on-paper on a current project, not least because it gets the unconscious into the habit of working on the project while you’re asleep, in anticipation of that morning writing session.


    • Posted by meansomething on February 10, 2014 at 1:05 am

      They are feeding in a bit, although I don’t usually demand that they do. I should try sending my thoughts in that direction before I go to sleep!


  4. […] gotten a lot out of it nevertheless, even in just a few weeks.  It has probably helped that I have liked the practice of Morning Pages so […]


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