Just a quick hello.  Although I’m only teaching three classes right now, the administrative load has suddenly increased.  Hiring, the whole process of approving students for honors or AP classes, and various other issues for next year have all become daily realities.  I guest-taught one of Romola’s classes today, and I’m working with a student who is planning to attend university in the UK next year and wants to fill in some gaps in her knowledge of British and Irish poets.

But I’m loving teaching Crime and Punishment for the first time, especially being able to talk with Dr. Tea about it, but also just working with the AP students, who seem to be getting really into it.  I am calling them by their first names and patronymics, just to make it all a little more Russian.  I say things like “Here is your quiz, Emily Stefanovna” and “Please take your seat, Marcus Marcusovich.”  Hee.

Seriously, though, what a novel!  This is about the only level at which I could ever manage to teach it, but I’m also pleased with the way the discussions are unfolding, and with the students’ willingness to tangle with big and meaningful questions.  I’ve heard my colleagues complain about the flakiness and regression of seniors, but I am also struck by how open they are, at this stage of their lives, to certain books–C&P definitely being one of them.


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  1. This makes me super happy to hear, both for you and for my own selfish reasons, since next year I’ll be teaching Crime and Punishment to seniors!


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