The art of subtext

A phone conversation between me and the GGE:

Me: After talking with Lucinda and Viola, I think you’re right about looking at who’s available in English this year.

GGE: I take that to mean that one or both of them is leaving us.

Me: No one has definitely told me she is leaving.  What I see is that they are both in their first year of working motherhood, and I think there is a possibility that either or both will need to make a change.

GGE: You can’t share any specifics, but you are letting me know that we will probably need one English teacher, maybe two.

Me: Or 100% of Orsino.  Or 100% of Orsino and another English teacher.

GGE: I see.

Me: Again, nothing definite.

GGE: I will see what’s out there.

Me: Thanks.

Big sigh.  I don’t really want to go through the whole hiring thing this year.  It is hugely time-consuming and it’s also a highly fallible process–it’s so hard to know whether a hire will be a good fit!  I do take comfort in the results of last year’s search–we held out for someone we felt really strongly about, and we hired Sebastian, and he has been a huge success.  Speaking to the GGE last week, I commented that I was struck by how much Eveline really didn’t want to do a Social Studies hire, even to the point that she would take all of Orsino instead of risking hiring someone else, and he said, “Of course; look at this year.  You got Sebastian, and she got [competent historian who doesn’t seem to have very much patience with high-school students and who is somewhat deficient in social skills as a colleague].”

This guy came back onto the GGE’s desk–I guess he didn’t end up changing jobs last year (he’s local, and he has a pretty good job, so he didn’t absolutely have to move).  I went back over all the emails and his CV and couldn’t work up a roaring enthusiasm, but it’s good to know he’s nearby and still available and interested, just in case.

Bardiac, we have some very nice birds around here…


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  1. Posted by Bardiac on January 28, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    I am soooo tempted to try to make some change. But I bet I’d have housing price shock again, wouldn’t I?


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