No need of sympathy

Although I gave my exams several days ago and had only 45 students first semester, I still have 20 exams–my AP class–to grade.  This is partly because I found the World Lit exams rather slow going, partly because there was more going on for me than usual during exam week; it’s usually a week of quiet afternoons and extra free time, but not this year.  The Snork Maiden had a lot to do, and needed rides to study groups and whatnot, and there were also some meetings that I didn’t have to attend before this year.

So I’m going to stay up a little longer Sunday night and try to gnaw away at the pile so that I don’t have to be stuck at the desk tomorrow–that is, during the hours I am not driving the Snork Maiden somewhere, or picking Stubb up at the airport (yay) or having dinner with his parents.  The first few exams are always the hardest to grade, of course, so even if I do three or four, that will help me tomorrow.

I have so many fewer exams to grade than some people that I feel a bit ashamed for not just being done; Akela, for example, has over a hundred students this semester (though he really shouldn’t).  Dr. Tea finished hers a couple of days ago and has been working hard on our shared AP class, which benefits me, of course.  But I suppose there’s no reason to feel bad about other people working if I’m getting my own work done, which I am.  (And it’s understood that Dr. Tea has taught this AP class many times and that I am toddling along behind her for this year–which is also the basis on which we chose mostly texts she knows well and has taught often.)

I have done a few fun things this weekend (a museum with a friend, a couple of long chats with other long-distance friends), and gotten some tasks done around the house, so I guess that once the grading (and planning) is done, I will look on the holiday weekend as time well spent.  We’re not doing anything MLK-Day-related, unfortunately, but then this holiday always coincides with the new semester, so it’s very rare that we can do much (beyond our usual neighborhood coffee-and-doughnut break, but we’re missing even that this year because of Snork Maiden commitments and picking up Stubb).


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