Eleven minutes

I really want to go to bed even though it’s not even nine yet.  But I also want to stay up because the Snork Maiden is studying and I want to keep her company–or, rather, I want her to know I’m awake at my desk while she is getting ready for exams at the dining room table.

While the students are taking their morning exams, I have to settle in and really finish my own exams.  And proofread and copy them.  Then I need to pull together a bunch of materials from the second semester of last year’s junior American lit course to share with Orsino and get ready to rough out a schedule for the next quarter with him.  I am taking over one of his two classes and Dr. Tea’s one class.  I wish Dr. Tea were continuing to teach this course with us, since after just one year doing it I’m not really eager to be the lead person on the course, but I have to be glad for her that she’s going down to two preps, and I also think it will be good for Orsino and me to work together.  He seems to like to forge his own path, so while I’ll share materials with him, I won’t be too anxious about getting things done too far ahead of time for his planning convenience.

I will have worked with both the new teachers for a semester each, which is probably a useful thing to do as chair.

I hope there aren’t any spectacular screw-ups with the exams.  There aren’t usually, but this is the kind of thought that now crosses my mind–that if there are any screw-ups, I’m definitely going to hear about them and probably be expected to do something about them.

I had rather nice final class meetings with my world lit students today.  Even the more difficult class was rather pleasant, and the sweeter class was outright adorable.



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