Call it sleep

Somehow, despite having crossed quite a lot of big tasks off my list this week, I am facing down Friday with too many things to do, and I’ve had no energy to pursue them on Thursday night.

We’re supposed to hand in copies of our exams on Friday so that they’re on file for next week, when exams will be given.  I often hand in a placeholder version of the exam and continue to revise it for a couple of days, and I will almost certainly do that this time, but I can’t recall having been quite so behind on writing the exams.  Friday’s classes are supposed to be review, and I don’t even know what I’m doing in those.

Oh, and the first stage of the financial aid application for next year is due tomorrow, too.  I’ve completed some parts but not others.

What happened?  Well, these first few days back after break have been pretty intensive in terms of department-chair stuff.  A lot of people popping in to get my take on teaching issues or dealing with colleagues.  I’ve also needed to spend time with the new guys, Sebastian and Orsino, who are giving their first high-school exams.   Sebastian is getting a lot of help from the ninth-grade team, but Orsino, who is teaching eleventh graders with Dr. Tea, wants to do things differently.  Which is fine, but he also needs some guidance about what makes an appropriate exam for this age group.

Some students need special attention.  A couple are recovering from illness or injury and still catching up.

I feel like I should be panicking, but I can’t quite get up the energy.  Am I coming down with something, maybe?  I sure hope not.

Edited to add: And yet I’ve continued to write Morning Pages.


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  1. It’s Saturday now, which means that your crazy Thursday night and Friday have come and gone. Hope that you got done what needed to get done and that the weekend will bring both sleep and accomplishment!


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