The crack in space

So, here we are on winter break again.

As usual, the break is not the fantasy of the complete break from work and obligation; rather, it’s a time when the regular pattern of school is broken and therefore I have a chance to attend to some of the pieces of work and life that I have pushed to the side.  I need to write some final comments for the MFA students and to send a former student some comments on a ms.  I have just two weekdays to deal with practical life stuff at home before we fly off to see Stubb.  And the Snork Maiden and I are trying to get some visiting time in with friends and family.  I went to a movie with my former chair from NLNRU yesterday, while the Snork Maiden went to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug a second time, this time with Bestfriend, who spent the night (the first Hobbit screening, last weekend, was in the company of two boys whom I’ll lovingly call Nerd 1 and Nerd 2–they are both charming, bright, and goofy, and I approve entirely of the Snork Maiden’s friendship with each of them).  And today, after I take Bestfriend home, I’ll pick up my smallest nephew (nearly 5) and meet up at the park with an old friend from high school, whom I see much too rarely, and her 3.5-year-old son.

I’ll probably spend a couple of hours at SA on Monday, getting organized so that the return after break isn’t too traumatic.  I need to take some grading with me, but not too much–just a batch of 20 papers.  And I’m meeting Dr. Tea and two students for coffee–Ben and another student, whom I’ll call Theresa.  She graduated the year ahead of Ben, and like him, she edited the school literary magazine, which I advise.  Now they attend the same university.

I have a couple of applications to get in, too, and bills to pay and, as always, laundry to do.  As usual, I’m torn between being glad we’re going to get away and sorry that we can’t just stay put.  What usually happens is that the latter feeling peaks right before we travel and the former peaks about mid-trip.

Other bits of news: Ed got into the university where I once worked.  He was the only one of (reportedly) some dozen or so SA students to be admitted at this stage; others were deferred or rejected.  One of his classmates, Alice, got into my undergraduate alma mater.  I wrote letters for both of them–Common App letters, though, so no mention of my connections to these particular schools, not that I think it would have mattered either way.   Mostly I just feel very happy for both of them, knowing that they got into schools they’re excited about–and, in their cases, knowing how excellent both places are, and thinking that in both cases it’s quite a good match.  Other good news has come in–a very talented sculptor into an excellent art school, and the basketball player taking her first AP into a solid SLAC.

Time to take Bestfriend home, so further updates later, I hope.

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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on December 22, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    As usual, your vacation days sound busier than my work days! Happy travels, and say hi to Stubb for me!


  2. […] spend some time in a physics lab over break, and he’s almost certain he’s going to go to that university where I once worked for college.  I guess he still has a few decisions to wait […]


  3. […] experiment teaching an online MFA class, and I was relieved.  I acknowledged that break is never “the fantasy of the complete break from work and obligation,” but enjoyed having the time to see friends and family, read, and relax.  We visited Stubb on the […]


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