Breaking the logjam

I’ve kvetched before about the online class and how much trouble I’ve had incorporating it into my workflow this semester.  Tonight I wrote my final comment to one student–I still have the other one to do–and as usual, getting that piece out of the way unleashed a weird energy and I wrote several necessary emails I’ve been putting off–AWP stuff and asking the people who recommended me last year for the Thing whether I can use them as recommenders again.  Now I just need to apply for the Thing itself.

Over the break, particularly while we’re traveling, I want to think and plan about writing in the year ahead.  Aside from the NaNoWriMo adventure, I’ve written very little this fall.  That’s okay, since it was my first semester as department chair, and I was teaching an overload for the first half of it, plus the online class.  Spring will bring new challenges on the administrative calendar, particularly honors and AP applications, which have been a headache in the past, and the literary magazine, which is more time-consuming in the spring.  But I want to figure out a way to go forward with my writing anyway.

I am not planning to do another online class.  However–this means that next semester will be the first semester ever that I am only teaching high school without also teaching graduate creative writing students.  I wonder if I will start to chafe and fret about that?  I can totally see myself leaping at some other not particularly remunerative opportunity to teach at a post-secondary level,  for ego reasons or for money or out of the long habit of saying yes to opportunities in case they don’t come around again.  Well, but why do I want those opportunities anyway?  Because I want to be able to support myself so that I can continue to write.  Aaaaand…I am.  What I most need now is not money, but time.  I’ve got to keep that in my sights.

And I’ve got to write the other response.  Which really shouldn’t take more than an hour or hour and a half.  I just have to Do It.  Monday.  Really.


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  1. What I most need now is not money, but time.

    Aha! That is indeed an important thing to keep in mind. I wonder if teaching at the post-HS level is one way that you identify yourself as a writer in addition to a teacher, but then maybe ironically it leaves you less time to actually be a writer.


    • Posted by meansomething on December 23, 2013 at 4:59 pm

      Yes, that’s exactly right! That was part of the difficulty of leaving NLNRU (though not as much of an obstacle as giving up the income).


  2. […] year, winter break meant the end of my one-semester experiment teaching an online MFA class, and I was relieved.  I acknowledged that break is never “the fantasy of the complete break […]


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