I recommend the salmon

I finally, finally wrote my 23rd and last recommendation of 2013, to MFA programs for a former NLNRU student who had to leave our program for family reasons a few years back.  I’m glad she’s going back to give the MFA another try, and I hope she gets a big fellowship.

At least, I think it’s the last one of 2013.  I am still getting occasional requests for supplemental recommendations for honors programs at this college or that for one of the 21 SA students.  Also, there are schools, like Georgetown, that do not use the Common App, and every now and then one of those requests pops into my inbox.  But the requests are usually very straightforward and not nearly as much of a pain as the various different systems used by the graduate programs.  As I’ve mentioned before, I actually like Naviance, the system we use to upload our college recs at SA.  One login, everything in one place, reasonably good navigation.

I had a class today that began at 1:00, and at 12:58 one of my students checked on her phone and learned she had gotten into Emerson.  Sitting down right next to her was another student who had applied to Emerson but was afraid to check.  Oh no, not a distraction at all.  It makes me nostalgic for my youth, when I had to go home and open the mail in order to find out if I’d gotten into college.  Tales of a Pre-Internet Childhood.

I read today that Fordham is the latest college to accidentally congratulate on their admission people they meant to reject.  Oops.


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