Not a good day for a routine-oriented person like me.  I went in late, since the Snork Maiden was staying home and I didn’t have class until after 10, and wasn’t really on my game for any of my three classes.  They all felt like treading water.  AP was okay, and my first World Lit class worked on their magical realism-influenced stories, but the second class had had a quiz while I was out, and grading them made it clear that many of them hadn’t done the reading.

The good news about tomorrow is that I only have one class at the end of the day, so lots of time to plan and get organized.  And the Snork Maiden will go to school and so it should be a fairly normal day.  I do have to stay into the evening for an admissions event that will probably be tiring but basically fine.  It’s just…I had had a picture in my head of the last three weeks before winter break as being a really competent three weeks in which I’d guide my classes through the last text of the course and a final paper while also completing the classroom observations part of the teacher evaluation process, and it feels like I haven’t accomplished anything this week and there are only Thursday and Friday left.  It’s really just a perception problem, but it’s bothering me.


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  1. Glad to hear that the Snork Maiden is feeling better and that things are back to normal. I sympathize on the lost feeling of having everything all together; I so often think, “The next two weeks are going to be fabulous!,” only to have that not turn out to be quite the case. But it’s also true that sometimes students are getting a lot out of a class that seems routine at best to us; and on the reverse, sometimes they don’t seem to get anything out of what should clearly be the highlight of their day!


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