The quality of life report

Report from the Department of Health: The Snork Maiden’s condition has improved.  I stayed home with her today to supervise rehydration and rest.  She’s just starting to eat toast.  I think I will go in to work tomorrow and leave her here to finish recuperating.

Report from the Department of Human Resources: I appreciate having sick days and getting to use them without undue drama, whether for my own illness or my child’s.  (I also took a sick day last year when my mother was briefly in the hospital and received nothing but support and offers of help.)

Report from the Department of Labor: It hasn’t been a particularly productive day.  I had a broken night of sleep because of the Snork Maiden’s illness and then woke up at about 3:30 feeling alert and worried about making sub plans, so I finished all that and stayed up through the morning to email back and forth with Dorothea, one of the librarians, and Dr. Tea about getting some materials brought over to my first class.  Around 11, with the Snork Maiden awake and feeling better, I went back to bed and slept for a few hours.  I didn’t shower or do much of anything except read and take a walk to the store.  I also didn’t bring much home with me to prep, since I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be going to school today, so it’s a good thing that I have a couple of free periods first thing tomorrow.


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