Still here

It seems like it’s almost Thanksgiving already, which would be great, except for the MFA class.  All I can say about that is Argh.  It’s a smaller Argh than it was a few weeks ago, but still.  Argh.

Still loving teaching three classes instead of five, though!  I have started scheduling observations, and found time for chats with two of the middle school teachers last week.  I should be able to visit everyone once before winter break, and the new guys twice–I just have to plan carefully.  And not get sick!

Spent a precious hour of prep time in the morning coming home to fetch something the Snork Maiden had left behind–her prompt-book for rehearsal–but was glad to be able to do her that favor.

Got to 20,000 words on NaNoWriMo.  Friday is the halfway mark, so I should be at–or near–25,000 by then.

Several seniors have been accepted to college already.  What?  It’s not even mid-November!

Now that I’m not teaching Lucinda’s juniors anymore, I have only seniors until January.  Then I drop two of those classes and pick up two junior classes, keeping only my AP Lit group all year.  One of my half-year senior groups is very sweet.  The other is significantly less sweet.  The AP group is good.  I need to understand more about the whole senior experience, though.  It is a funny mishmash of maturity and regression and intellectual curiosity and general silliness.



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