Mr. Rabbit and the lovely present

While, as predicted, my life is significantly calmer now, I’m still fully capable of getting really, really excited about the prospect of a three-day weekend!

Let’s be upfront about this: The house is pretty much a mess.  Actually, there are really just a few centers of mess: the kitchen table, which is where I’ve been piling all of the mail; my desk, which is a shipwreck of papers; and the living room/TV area, which is pretty much the Snork Maiden’s domain, and which she will tidy up when asked.  Other surfaces are cluttered and I would have to do some pretty serious decluttering in order to, say, have anyone over, but I can live with them for a while.

So I think I’m going to make the executive decision that tidying up is not on the docket for this weekend.  This might have the paradoxical effect of getting me to actually do some tidying up, but the main effect, I hope, is that I will be focused on more important things.

And what are these more important things?

Writing: I’m about 2,000 words behind in NaNo, which isn’t bad, considering.  I should be at 18,337 by the end of Monday, which means 6,665 over the next three days, or 2,222 a day–I can do that!  Still having fun.  It helps so much that my focus is on just doing it.  I’m also making some edits to my second ms. and getting it back into contest circulation.

Family time: Celebrating my sister’s birthday, and spending some time with the Snork Maiden.  Planning–I hope–the Snork Maiden’s belated birthday party, which is going to be an excursion to see the new Hobbit movie.  Oh, and taking my six-year-old niece to the middle school play at SA.

Schoolwork:  I could actually get ahead this weekend.  It wouldn’t be the end of the world if all I did was write one Hamlet quiz for Tuesday, but I have to take the Snork Maiden to the SA area twice this weekend–today for her volunteer tutoring, and Monday for five hours of rehearsal on the campus itself–so it’s very convenient to drop in there and do some work.  I can also write there.  As part of this, I do need to put in about two hours on my MFA class.  Feeling better about that right now, though.

Exercise: Ack, I have dropped the ball on this the last two weeks.  But I did finally buy a new pair of running shoes, because my old ones were so broken that I let the Snork Maiden take them on her class retreat and get them all filthy and even more broken.  So I think I will take a gentle run tomorrow, and do my simple workout today and Sunday.



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