Footnote to utopia

I just wanted to add that I decided I would not do any work at all this weekend, and I haven’t, and it has been lovely.  I wrote; I did some errands, some cleaning and some laundry; I ferried the Snork Maiden a few places; and I went out to lunch with my neighbor C.Mom.  We went to this pool hall/bar place where a friend of Stubb’s was holding court for his birthday, so we got to chat with him for a little bit, and then we had lunch and half-watched a few different football games unfolding.  (The switch back to Standard Time was this weekend, so there was even an extra hour in there somewhere.)  I’d probably be in better shape for the week–on paper, anyway–if I had done some work, but I probably wouldn’t be in as good a frame of mind.  It’s Sunday night and I have just the tiniest touch of the Sunday-night blues.


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  1. I too did almost no work this weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful and so very good for my soul, which had been withering a bit in the heat of work this fall. I really do need to take a real weekend more often.

    So glad to hear that NaNoWriMo is fun thus far!


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