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I’ve written 54 of my student report card comments and have 32 more to go.  This would be the term when I have the most students I’ve ever had at SA!  The good news: except for a couple of small tasks, I am ready to hand the AP Lang classes back to Gamma; the remaining comments should go fairly swiftly; Monday and Tuesday give me some time to write and revise before the comments are actually due.  We’ll get together on Monday to proofread one another’s comments, but if I’m not quite ready with one of my classes (which seems possible), I can probably snag a colleague to proof that for me on Tuesday.

The bad news, at least for my ability to get everything done, is that we have an outside visitor on Monday whom I’ll be showing around in my capacity as department chair.  She’s going to visit classes, so she’ll be occupied part of them time, but I would like to sit in on at least one of those with her.  That might just have to go by the wayside.  We’ll see.

Also, that MFA class. Enough said.

The Snork Maiden and I are slated to do a couple of fun things today–a late breakfast with Stubb’s parents and FLS’s Halloween party.  I’m glad I’m forcing myself to do something other than schoolwork.  The challenge will be not to be all antsy and worried about not doing schoolwork.


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  1. What a lot you’ve had on your plate this term! Good luck finishing it all up in the next couple of days, and then I hope things get much easier by the end of the week with Gamma back. You deserve a break, even if that “break” is simply a lighter workload for a bit!


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