Clock without hands

Today was a day of sucking less (hat tip to What Now?), but only a little bit less.  Today what I noticed was that my time management has gone all to hell–I’d look up at the clock and think, “Damn, I only have five minutes left,” and it wasn’t exactly that discussion had been so enthralling that we lost track of time–no, it was like I kept forgetting that I only had 90 minutes or 50 minutes or whatever for a class.

But in the name of sucking less, I worked on another recommendation so that it will take fifteen minutes or so to polish that one off during PSAT Day—I might even finish it before the PSAT starts and I have to vacate the room so that Orsino and one of the art teachers can proctor there.  I’ll probably grade papers during the exam itself, then come back when it’s over to work on college recs.  My goal for the day is seven recs, only because one of the college counselors estimated that she could probably write six in that amount of time, and I figure I should be able to beat that.  It’s good to have a goal, anyway.


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