Homecoming was tremendous fun.  There was a performance by the elementary school chorus, and the high school chorus sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” after which a few of my favorite geeky seniors climbed up to sit with me at the top of the bleachers.  We sat next to one of the younger history teachers and pestered him with questions about football, the fundamentals of which none of us really grasped, but he was good-natured about it and seemed to enjoy explaining.  The Snork Maiden was busy with the band almost the whole time–they sounded good!  I saw a lot of my students, and a couple of alumni, including the first boy mentioned in this post–the one who got the unexpected 5 on the AP.  He’s putting off college (very unusual in our population, but his family is unusual*) and working at an aerospace manufacturing company.  He seems to be doing a lot of engineer-y things, so he’ll probably return for an engineering degree at some point.

(*His dad is one of my colleagues, and unlike nearly all of our parents, has what I would describe as my paternal grandparents’ attitude toward college–that it’s not an entitlement, that if you really want it, you will find a way to go.  I view this attitude with some concern, because it’s not the 1930s anymore.  His younger son is working and in community college, and my fingers are crossed for him to keep going.)

There were a lot of parents there, which is nice when I know them and a little weird when I don’t–when someone smiles broadly at me and I know it must be the parent of a kid I’ve taught, but I can’t place them. Of course, this has also improved over the last few years, as I’ve met more parents and taught multiple children in the same family.

In a few minutes, I have to wake up the Snork Maiden.  She has a very busy weekend, which means that I am doing a certain amount of driving her around, but also that I should have some chunks of time when I can work at school.  Today is a little more fragmented than I would prefer, but tomorrow I have to take her early to school and she’ll be gone about six hours on a community service project.  So: college recs and grading!



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