Pictures* from an institution

In addition to four classes of my own yesterday, I covered one of Viola’s** and taught “The Miller’s Tale”–which required a very brief recap of “The Knight’s Tale”:knights tale*Hat tip to Bardiac, doyenne of doodles related to class.

**Pseudonym for the teacher who has come back p/t after leaving to have a baby.

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  1. Posted by Bardiac on September 25, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    Your art is WAY to realistic for me to even dream of! (I drew a dragon today and garnered only laughs, and not a whit of fear, alas.) But in my own, limited way, I’ve drawn something quite similar with the two looking down on Emilye!


  2. […] to have them work on the essay at home while we slowly explore Chaucer in class together.  When I subbed for Viola a couple of years ago, it seemed as though they didn’t get much out of reading the Tales at […]


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