Cat’s cradle

Back from four well-spent hours at SA, mostly prepping and planning (planning, in my lexicon, being the long-term big picture, and prepping being the actual preparation and lesson planning for the actual classes I’ll be teaching), and feeling calmer about the whole thing. Yes, it’s a tough first quarter, but honestly, things are going about as well as they could go under the circumstances.

Also, I just read What Now?’s distressing update on her partner D’s new independent school job, and the vague feelings of appreciation I was experiencing while walking across the strangely quiet campus*, freely photocopying as many handouts as I needed**, emailing friendly colleagues, puttering around my classroom, using the computers, thinking about my students, and heck, even writing with my favorite kind of pen***–these vague feelings coalesced into a serious gratitude that I work at a place that values what I do and strives to give me the conditions and materials I need to do it well.

*Peaceful and well-kept, too.

**At 2YC, the two-year for-profit technical college where I adjuncted for a few years, we were required to turn in all our photocopying jobs to the copy center a week in advance, or pay for them ourselves at a self-serve copier.

***We get to order our own classroom supplies, and I always get a few dozen of these.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, I am feeling pretty grateful for my school these days too, and the respect and support I know I can count on here.


  2. Moi aussi! I went into work today with a whole new sense of gratitude for how much FGS is NOT Crazytown.


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