Five courses!  I actually haven’t taught five courses at a time since my second year at SA, except for a few weeks covering for colleagues on maternity leave at the end of the school year.  This is different.  With all the department chair stuff, I can’t get everything done during the school day, and have been waking up early and going in on weekends.

Oh well, it’s only until the end of October, assuming Gamma comes back as planned (COME BACK, GAMMA).  And then I’ll have just three classes for the whole rest of the year!  I’m sure there will be some things I’ll take on just because I’ll feel guilty about having more time than most people–but not until after the huge business of teacher evaluations is done.

Fortunately, the Snork Maiden is staying after school a lot, some days to stage manage rehearsals for the play, and some days to do homework and hang out with other kids.  So it’s easier for me to spend extra time after school–although unfortunately that is not my most productive time.  Still, at least I can get little things done puttering around my desk and classroom, things I wouldn’t do if we came straight home.

Having my own classroom is FANTASTIC.  Actually, the big thing is not even so much having it to myself as being able to teach classes in it.  I’m in Gamma’s room for the classes I’m covering, but in my own for all the others.  Joy.


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  1. One’s own room is fabulous! I have another teacher (our new part-time person) teaching one course in my room, which is no big deal, but I would hate to have to move around for my own teaching. I’m glad that you finally have this perk after such a long time of moving rooms.

    And yes, five classes is a lot! I did it once, September to December, for a colleague on maternity leave, and I didn’t really notice how exhausting it was … until January, when I suddenly realized how tired I had been. Good luck getting through a hectic fall.


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