Ladder of years

I wrote a long post about how much I like my job and how nice it is to go back to school and honestly, I bored myself and so I erased it.

Meetings start today with a full faculty meeting (K-12).  First department meeting is tomorrow.  I need to finish the agenda.

All of the moves are underway–I to the room Elinor and Dinah used to share, Dinah across the hallway to Gwendolen’s room, ABD Guy into my old room with Romola, the returning part-time colleague to Gamma’s room, and Ph.D. Guy into the room of Domitia, the older, chatty, underemployed Latin teacher.  Our total land grab, though we are adding a colleague and a half, amounts to half a room, but it’s something.  Penelope has a big chart of room usage, and it’s a very useful visual aid, as it shows that we are packed to the gills in our new building.

Enrollment is up, by the way–that’s one reason for the crowding.  The Snork Maiden’s grade is almost 150, in a school where the typical grade is 125.  This is, we’re told, the result of lower enrollment in the lower grades, fewer kids leaving SA after 8th grade, and a particularly strong applicant pool.

Part of the boring post was about how both Gwendolen and Domitia had been pretty classy about the news they’d have to share their rooms.  I think someone–the GGE?–must have intimated to Domitia that she couldn’t expect to occupy a huge (HUGE) room all by herself, with her classes of six to eight Latin students, forever*.  Or maybe she sussed that out herself.  I ended up breaking the news to both of them, even though technically it really should have been Penelope, and in retrospect, I’m glad, because it gave me an opportunity to have a good conversation with Gwendolen about her Upper- and Middle-School teaching, and how she wants to stay in the high school building even though most of her classes meet in the junior high.  (She’d been concerned that she would be moved to the other building–which she might be, at some point, but at least now we have the mutual goal of building up her involvement in the HS.) It also gave me a chance to tell Domitia how lucky we are that Ph.D. Guy will have the benefit of her presence this year–and actually I do think this is a very good pairing.

I am also so excited about the Snork Maiden coming up to the HS.  Trying to keep cool about it on the outside–it’s about her, not me–but really excited.  I’m sure there will be awful moments, but after watching other people’s kids change and grow and discover and all that for several years, now I get to watch her!  I’m also beyond tickled that she seems–in flashes–excited too.  She’s practicing for her jazz ensemble audition, she’s planning what school supplies she needs.  She’s gotten some clothes and accessories she feels good in (after three years of uniforms, they graduate to a dress code, and she had very little to wear to school).

The adventure begins…


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  1. … and I hope that it’s a wonderful adventure this year! I’m glad that you have lots to say about how much you love your job and are happy to be back — a perfect way to begin the year!


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