The book of a thousand eyes

Dr. Tea gave me a really fantastic idea for an activity we can do together at the department meeting on Tuesday.  She suggested we take a poem that could conceivably be taught at all seven grade levels (6-12), read and discuss it together, and ask people to reflect on and share how they would use this poem in their specific classes.  What a great way to learn how we work with students at different stages and within the aims of our particular courses and grade levels, while having a concrete, specific discussion on a deeply pleasurable text.  Done well and in a way that supports the teachers who are less comfortable reading a poem “cold” and who might be a bit anxious about getting the “right” answer–yes, we do have those–I think this could be good socially, as well as professionally-developmentally.

We need to share Ph.D. Guy with the history department, and I also promised the film department chair that she could leave at a certain time to go meet with the film department, so we won’t use the whole two hours–which is fine, that’s a long time for a meeting.  (*Have I really not given him a pseudonym yet?  And ABD Guy as well.  I saw them both briefly on Friday during their second day of new faculty activities–the second day is mostly CPR training, I think.  I guess thinking up pseudonyms for them will be on my secret agenda for the meeting.)



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