A new life

Here’s an innovation: on the SurveyMonkey form we fill out to let the events coordinator know which faculty lunches we’ll be attending during meetings week, there are now menu details about the lunches, so we know what’s being served!  Unfortunately, my favorite among the meals (grilled chicken and vegetables, including Portobello mushrooms) is being served on the day when I have to dash off and get my own and the Snork Maiden’s hair cut, but I appreciate the information anyway.  The lunches are one of my favorite parts about meetings week, because we get to sit down together without the usual pressures of the school year, and I often get to talk with people I don’t see enough during the rest of the year.  We’re all busy, of course, but most events are scheduled in the mornings, with after-lunch time for setting up rooms and having course team meetings and the like, so lunch really feels like a reward and a respite.  (And 75 minutes are set aside for lunch, as compared to the 45 minutes we have during the school year.)

Another fun thing about the beginning of the year is looking at one’s schedule and rosters.  My teaching schedule is the most balanced it’s ever been, in that no day is particularly difficult and no day is particularly easy–this is first semester; second semester I’ll only be teaching three courses, so I will have ordinary days and easy days, but no hard ones.  In past years, my courses have been bunched together in the rotating block schedule, so that I would have days that went TEACH TEACH TEACH break and then days that went BREAK BREAK BREAK teach teach.  The only drawback to this schedule is that it will be harder to find big chunks of time to leave early or come in late for appointments and errands; on the other hand, without NLNRU I won’t have as much need to leave early!

First quarter is going to be challenging, with five classes (since I’m covering two of Gamma’s classes while she is on maternity leave) and starting to be chair; second quarter will be easier teaching-wise, but that’s when I’ll do most of my teaching observations.

The rosters need a little tweaking, if possible–I have nine students currently enrolled in my AP Lit whom I taught in AP Lang all last year, and it would be great if I could swap some of them for students in Dr. Tea’s sections, schedules permitting.  I’m thinking particularly of two whom I personally like just fine, but who could probably use a break from me.


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  1. Glad to hear about the good schedule! (Other than first quarter, of course.) Mine is also going to be pretty great, I think, which gives me optimism about the year ahead.

    I was finding myself very stressed and anxious about department chair stuff last week, but this week that’s all calming down as I get things done and feel more on top of the details. (I’m sure it also helps that summer school is over, and so I have more time and energy to think about the year to come.)


  2. Posted by Bardiac on August 15, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    I love that you two are leaders! I wish you both extraordinary patience and wisdom! Go you!


  3. […] As in previous years, for the seven school days before the first day of classes, the school is providing a communal buffet lunch in the old gym for everyone who’s working on campus, and I walked over with Teacher Z and Akela.  Teacher Z was in a state of anxiety because when she got back after two months away, mostly in China, she found an unexpected new computer on her desk, but she couldn’t find any of the files she had saved on her old one.   […]


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