Night thoughts

I have never been quite clear on whether I’m an owl or a lark.  In my case, I think the two extremes meet–I really like both the very late night and the very early morning; in short, the times when no one else seems to be awake, or at least isn’t sending me email or, worse, trying to call me on the phone.  Teaching high school has emphasized my larky qualities: I got up at 4:30 on Friday to comment on paper drafts and exercise before school, and had a great morning overall, even completing two small writing projects that had been on my to-do list for weeks–an abstract and a book blurb–while my students were having writing time on the drafts I’d returned.

But then I napped in the afternoon and stayed up late–it was Stubb’s last night at home before going back to his current gig–and wasn’t much use on Saturday (napped again, even, which is fine, but unusual).  And now it’s late Saturday night–Sunday morning, really–and I am awake and feeling owlish.  The question is, do I attack this giant to-do list now, making good use of the wee hours, or do I try to go to bed so that I can get up reasonably early and get a good day’s work in on Sunday?  Because we still have two weeks of the school year left, and if I try to owl it tonight, how will I go back to larking it on Sunday night and for another two weeks?

A complicating factor: I’m not the owl I used to be.  My eyes are tired, and I know I’ll look haggard in the morning if I stay up late.  It’s just so peaceful here in the middle of the night.


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