Spring awakening, part 1

This one is going to be short, because I’m just waiting around for a few minutes for the Snork Maiden to be dropped off from a short outing with my sister, and then we’re going out for the afternoon to attend a concert of my mother-in-law’s singing group. I am regretting saying I would have the time to do this, because I kinda feel like I don’t.  I am also pre-resenting the probability that everyone (Stubb’s brother’s family and my in-laws) will want to go out to dinner afterwards, and that I will have to be the bad guy who says no, we have to go home.  Although I guess they are welcome to take the Snork Maiden with them and drop her off at home later.  Then I’ll just be the bad guy who won’t go out to dinner with the family.  But seriously, the difference between getting home at 5:30 and getting home at 8 is a significant one for me today, and I’ve been up since 7 A.M. doing things.

AP exams begin tomorrow, which means that students will be disappearing from classes over the next week.  This inaugurates the end-of-year period–we have about five more weeks of classes, but it’s going to be a a long, slippery, bumpy, weird slide to the end.  Gamma’s maternity leave begins in two weeks, unless, of course, the baby comes early.  (I’ll be covering one of her classes.)  More shortly about the other unstable factors defining my world right now!


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  1. Whew — sounds like an exhausting end to the year. Best of luck getting through it!


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