The enchanted April

We have made our hire!   He’s a Ph.D. candidate who genuinely wants to teach high school.  He gave a strong sample class, but what convinced us wasn’t just the planning and execution–it was his classroom presence: engaged, kind, patient, flexible.  If I have to have two new department members during my first year as chair, I am glad that they’re Ph.D. Guy and ABD guy.  I just have to come up with better pseudonyms for both of them.

The colleague who left last spring to have a baby has stayed in touch with us, particularly with Elinor and when we were on the verge of despair about making this hire, Elinor suggested that we go back to her and see if she had any thoughts of returning, perhaps part-time.  The GGE really liked this idea, because Colleague (who also needs a pseudonym, I guess) is an excellent teacher.  And as I’ve mentioned, Gamma is going on maternity leave for a term, so a little extra help is even more welcome.  The upshot is that we get to have this Colleague back for next year, on a part-time basis.

Now, you’d think that we were well and truly overstaffed for next year, but for various reasons this isn’t the case: Gamma will teach a little less when she returns, Ph.D. Guy is promised to history for (probably) two classes, we have Gamma’s leave to cover, and we are experiencing a bit of a surge in enrollment in the high school and will need to offer additional sections in at least two grades.  Also: the film teacher who usually teaches two English classes is probably not going to be able to teach more than one next year.  It’s all shaking down as I write this, and these and other factors are in flux, so Dr. Tea and I are having quite the merry-go-round on planning for next year.

Also: remember the Room Situation?  It still exists, damnit, and obviously adding teachers and courses is only going to make it worse–unless we can make what I am referring to (in private) as a “land grab.”  I spent upwards of an hour with Penelope today with a map of the school, trying to figure out where we could move people.  The upshot was that she is going to go speak with the GGE and we’ll take it from there.

Other things that have been going on: Summer plans are getting clearer, and I’ve made some of the necessary reservations.  The Snork Maiden was offered a partial scholarship to her summer program–hooray!–and that gave me the clarity I needed to plan  travel.

I want to write about finishing up at NLNRU, and about other SA stuff, and family and life and writing, but I have papers to grade and prepping to do, so more soon!

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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on April 27, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Congrats on the new hire, and HOORAY, Snork Maiden!


  2. Congratulations on finishing that exhausting process and getting two new folks you like! We’re still working on staffing for next year as well, and still hoping that we get to make a new full-time hire for the next year … and also doubting that we’re going to be allowed to do so. And we would also face the same room shortage problem — where to put the new person anyway?!

    I’m excited about Snork Maiden’s and your summer plans!


  3. I got my own room as a the result of a “land grab” several years ago, and it’s made me so happy ever since! Good luck with yours!


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