Just a quick update: I did not, after all, get the Thing this year.  I am consoled somewhat by the thought that next year might actually be an even better time to get the Thing, so I’ll definitely reapply.  And I’m pleasurably distracted by the prospect of planning the summer, which is easier now that I know, at least, about the Thing, even though it didn’t come out the way I wanted.

Meanwhile, the first week back after spring break has kind of been kicking my ass, but things are mostly pretty good at school.  The Snork Maiden and I have a short trip this weekend, which should be fun.  She’s going to take a weekend class, and I’m going to see a couple of friends.



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  1. Oh dear — I’m sorry to hear about the Thing. I hope that when it finally comes to you (hopefully next summer) it will be all the better for the timing.


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