Middle of nowhere

gaming_lego_lord_of_the_rings_4Spring break is more than half over.  Stubb goes back tomorrow.  He and the Snork Maiden are busy playing Lego Lord of the Rings on the Wii, an activity on which they’ve spent approximately 12 hours in the past week.  We’re a little gloomy about his going, but he will be back in about five weeks, and home for most of May.

I’ve started several posts in the last few days on subjects like The Real Differences between High School and College Teaching–and run out of momentum before finishing them, or even getting very far.  But I am reading and reflecting on teaching this week, and enjoying having more time to do that.

The taxes are finished; I just have to fax one thing to the accountant tomorrow, and then I need to copy our return and send the copies to SA and to the Snork Maiden’s summer program.

This week, I have to write; I have to go to NLNRU twice, once to teach and have meetings, and once just for meetings; I have to do some SA stuff, grading and (I hope) one meeting that would just be so much more convenient to have during spring break; make some appointments that I never seem to have time to make during the regular school week; take care of some Snork-Maiden-related business; and continue making summer plans, while waiting to hear something about the Thing.

Thank goodness, in other words, for a second week of break!


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