Not a peep about the Thing yet.  The indication was that a decision was expected soon, but of course “soon” is relative.  I’ve been taking advantage of the break to do some preliminary summer planning anyway, since the  summer’s two major events are likely to happen more or less the same way whether the Thing happens or not.  The Snork Maiden’s summer plans are also up in the air, so we have two fixed events and at least two big question marks.

One of the major events is a conference in the UK, so we’re looking at a trip of perhaps two weeks, for one of which Stubb will be able to join us.  I wish we could stay longer and wander more–this will be my first trip out of North America since the year before the Snork Maiden was born–but I don’t think we will have enough funds or enough time.  I’m enjoying starting to rough out those plans, though.  I will ask SA for some support–maybe they would be willing to cover the conference fees and lodging, if not the transatlantic plane ticket.


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